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Friday, September 25, 2020

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Getting started with online banking

For the generation that has grown up Facebooking, Twittering and living a Second Life, online banking is second nature. But for those of us who remember when visiting the bank was part of a weekly routine and you knew the names of all the tellers, the prospect of managing money through your home computer or a hand-held device can be daunting.

It shouldn't be...

With each generation of software, online banking gets easier and security gets stronger. There has never been a better time for novices to start managing their day-to-day finances through Creative Arts’ virtual branch. 

With online or mobile banking, you can check balances, see which purchases have gone through your account, transfer funds between accounts, and pay bills. With online banking, you can even view cheque images and get a printable statement of your account. It lets you navigate around the screen, and work through various functions, in a few quick clicks – much faster than you can rummage through paper files.

Some Simple Tips for Safe Online Banking

When you set up online access to your account, you’ll be given a temporary password for your first sign-on. That’s when you change your password to one that means something special to you. Most sites allow passwords as short as eight characters, but a longer password with numbers, symbols and capitalization, offers better security. Consider whole phrases, perhaps a line from a favourite song or film, or a quote that has some special meaning to you. Choose something that is easy to remember, but don’t choose obvious passwords such as family birthdays, home addresses, or your children’s names.

If you are the sole user of your computer, it may be tempting to use the memory feature, but remember that laptops are prone to theft. It’s better to take a few seconds to type in your password and account number for each session than to give a thief easy access to your money. And always remember to log out at the close of your session, rather than simply turning off your computer.

If you access your banking information from a shared computer, or in public sites such as libraries or Internet cafes, it’s wise to clear the browser history and close your Internet access program after every use.

To prevent “phishing” – the technique by which online con artists trick computer users into revealing passwords, credit card numbers, and bank accounts – remember this rule-of-thumb: Creative Arts, or any other financial institution, will never use e-mail to ask you for your password. Any request for personal information that arrives by e-mail or instant message is a fraudster phishing for your cash.

Try it Today

If you haven’t yet tried the convenience of banking in your pajamas at night, or when relaxing in your backyard on the weekend, Creative Arts is the perfect place to start. It’s fun, fast, easy, cost-effective (compared to paying bills by mail), and most of all it’s secure. With MemberDirect online banking at Creative Arts, you get a comprehensive security guarantee.

Why not take a test drive? Click on “Online Banking” in the upper-right portion of our website and you can run through a short tutorial to show how easy it is to start banking online today.


To help limit the spread of COVID-19 virus the office is closed until further notice in accordance with the recommendations of the City of Toronto  Read more...


Join us for an INFO Session on September 24th regarding our current VOTE for CASCU to merge with FirstOntario CREDIT UNION! Results at our Special Members Meeting on October 6th. Read more…

Deposit Insurance Reserve Fund

Did you know that deposits are insured by the Deposit Insurance Reserve Fund (DIRF)? So you can rest comfortably knowing your deposits are safe.   Learn more... 


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