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Monday, September 21, 2020

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We understand the entertainment industry, and the people in it.

A Loan When You Want It

Now there’s a cool idea: Be your own lender.

Set up a line of credit at Creative Arts, and then draw on it anytime you like, for any purpose. You control the time of advance, and you decide on the repayment schedule.

The Ultimate in Flexibility

A line of credit (LOC) is a personal or business loan with no fixed repayment period. Interest charges are calculated as a percentage over the Prime Rate. Interest on the amount borrowed is payable monthly but you decide how quickly you want to repay the principal. Typically, Creative Arts requires a minimum monthly payment of 3 percent of the amount drawn as a principal reduction on a personal LOC.

Ready Cash When You Need It

Here’s the beauty of a LOC – once the line is established, it’s available to you without notice to the credit union and without a new application for each borrowing purpose. The undrawn portion of the line remains available to you at all times and you can access it conveniently by transferring lump sums to your chequing or current account. Then just use your debit card, a cheque, or online or telephone banking to spend the funds. Keeping the line in force year after year is easy – it’s subject only to a satisfactory annual review of your credit standing. And there’s no monthly fee – don’t use it; don’t pay a cent.

Two Great Choices

Creative Arts offers two attractive types of LOCs:

  • The ADVANTAGEline Line of Credit can be either unsecured, or secured with collateral, depending on your credit history. The minimum credit limit is $5,000, and there are no set-up costs.
  • The MERITline Home Equity Line of Credit allows you to use the equity value in your home to secure the line, which guarantees you the lowest borrowing rate possible. Set-up costs vary.

If you want to avoid the hassle of applying for a new loan each time a borrowing need comes along, consider a line of credit. For a personal, private conversation, call us at 416-642-6749 or 877-643-3660, or stop by our office in the ACTRA building. Find out how empowering it can be to be your own banker.

Credit Cards

Creative Arts is working with potential suppliers to offer a customized credit card product where the approval process is sensitive to the special circumstances of entertainment professionals, such as self-employment and variable income.  We expect to announce our credit card offering in the months ahead.

Check our current rates.


To help limit the spread of COVID-19 virus the office is closed until further notice in accordance with the recommendations of the City of Toronto  Read more...

Look Who's Talking

Shelley Cook recalls a time when she approached one of the big banks for a loan. “I told them I was a stunt girl and they said ‘Do you have a real job?’ “ Read more...

Deposit Insurance Reserve Fund

Did you know that deposits are insured by the Deposit Insurance Reserve Fund (DIRF)? So you can rest comfortably knowing your deposits are safe.   Learn more... 


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